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Sussex Mines Four Homers and Buries New Jersey

August 2, 2023/ Ballpark returned to Hinchliffe Stadium three years after touring the derelict stadium during a year where Covid canceled most of baseball. This was the soonest the ballpark reviewers could make a game at the refurbished stadium as the Jackals' home opener they planned on attending in May 2023 was postponed due to rain.

The 10:35 AM tilt today was delayed for nearly an hour in the middle of the first inning due to an issue with the pitching mound. Officially, the Frontier League called this a "Weather Delay", which may have been the case, but no announcement was ever made to the sparse fans in the stands below who sat in the uncovered August sun waiting to see some baseball. 

When the game finally resumed, the Jackals and visiting Sussex County Miners battled to a 9-2 finish in favor of the visitors, who belted out 6 runs in the top of the 9th to seal the Jackals' fate. Miners right fielder, Oraj Anu, hit 2 of the 4 Miners' round trippers, one in the first and his second in the top of the ninth to seal the Jackals' fate.

Visit for the official reviews of Hinchliffe Stadium, both from 2020 and today.

                                                          R  H E 

Sussex County Miners  110 000 205 9 18 1 

New Jersey Jackals     000 000 200 2   9 1 

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